Nerds Getting Insane

nerd insanity workout Ok Im not going insane yet, BUT since I have decided to do a Tough Mudder, I think I need to step up my training program or I will never be ready! I read some reviews of the Insanity Workout Program and decided it will get me ready to compete. Here is my overview of the program from a nerds point of view. The nice thing about Insanity is the exercises [...]

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Can A Nerd Do A Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder Training
Yeah I know a nerd doing a Tough Mudder, crazy huh? Well this nerd is going to push the limits and try and do something no nerd has done before. (queue the Star Trek [...]

Nerds Doing Zumba?

Nerds Doing Zumba
This nerd is getting a bit on the older side. I know nerds never age right? Well in order to keep myself as young as possible, I have lately been looking to do some more [...]

Top Five Paddle Boarding Spots in Hawaii For Nerds

Nerd SUP Hawaii
This nerd was in Hawaii last month and I tried "SUP" or paddle boarding for the amateur. In case you didn't know it Hawaii is known for its stunning, wide range of [...]

Why This Nerd Bought An Inflatable Kayak

why buy an inflatable kayak
This nerd was looking to try and do some more outdoor activities and a fellow nerd said he had bought an inflatable kayak to try his hand at fishing. FYI, if you need some [...]

How Does Sound Effect A Nerds Ability To Concentrate

Us nerds like to read, study and sleep. Well if you live in any kind of urban environment you know how hard it can be to do those things. So I have been doing some research on [...]

Can a Nerd Make Money Trading Stocks?

stock market
As a nerd, you desire to make money in the stock market, yet you do not have the confidence you needfor  searching stocks on your own. There is a simple solution: You can [...]

Is Coffee Good For Nerds?

Nerds and Coffee
Campus Nerds, coffee has actually turned into one of the more questionable drinks of our time. Depending on what nerd you talk with, it is either a very healthy or really [...]